Retail Yard - Our Own Homemade Standard Trellis

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Heavy Duty 38mm x 19mm prepared batten used for quality smooth finish

Square size appox 4inch

Sizes Available:

Width x Height
1.83m x 1.83m      (6ft x 6ft)
1.83m x 1.52m      (6ft x 5ft)
1.83m x 1.22m      (6ft x 4ft)
1.83m x 0.91mm  (6ft x 3ft)
1.83m x 0.61mm  (6ft x 2ft)
1.83m x 0.46mm  (6ft x 18inch)
1.83m x 0.31mm  (6ft x 1ft)

3.00m x 0.61mm   (10ft x 2ft)
3.00m x 0.46mm  (10ft x 18inch)
3.00m x 0.31mm   (10ft x 1ft)

Bespoke sizes also manufactured
Colour Green & Brown


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